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What was the flag of South Africa in 1910?

The flag he used for his painting was the oranje-blanje-blou (known more commonly as the “OBB”) which all South Africans will recognise. However the flag of South Africa at the time of Union in 1910 was the South African “ensign flag” (British Union Jack top left and the South African National Coat of Arms inserted bottom right).

What is the meaning of the South African flag?

Orange, white, and blue horizontal stripes, on the white stripe, a backwards Union Flag towards the hoist, the Orange Free State flag hanging vertically and the Flag of Transvaal, towards the fly. Used for both the Union and later Republic of South Africa

What flag did the Dutch use in South Africa?

A version of this flag had been used as the flag of the Dutch East India Company (known as the VOC) at the Cape (with the VOC logo in the centre) from 1652 until 1795. The South African addition to the design was the inclusion of three smaller flags centred in the white stripe.

What is the history of the South African Police flag?

A distinctive flag for the South African Police was registered with the South African Bureau of Heraldry on 14 October 1983. It had a dark blue background, divided horizontally in the centre by a single yellow stripe one-seventh the width of the flag.

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