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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the flag called in South Africa?

South African National Flag is the most commonly used visual symbol of South Africa. If you see this flag no matter where you are in the world, you will know that either a South African or a friend of South Africa is near.

What does the flag of South Africa represent?

On the flag, yellow stands for generosity and the natural resources; white symbolizes peace, honesty and the South African people of European origin; red indicates hardiness, bravery, strength, valor and bloodshed; blue symbolizes vigilance, truth, loyalty, perseverance and justice; green signifies hope, joy and love and black stands for ...

What was the original flag of South Africa?

South Africa was colonized by the Netherlands and Great Britain, which have been reflected in the nation's flag throughout history. The Afrikaner flag of South Africa, which was in use from 1928 to 1994, included the flags of the British Union, the Orange Free State, and the Transvaal Vierkleur in the center band of the old Dutch flag.

What is the history of the South African flag?

Historical flags (1652–1928) The Union of South Africa, formed in 1910, initially used a red ensign defaced with a badge depicting the Union coat of arms. The first South African national flag, introduced in 1928, superseded it.

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