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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you dial South Africa from the US?

To call South Africa from United States, dial: 011 - 27 - Area Code - Land Phone Number. 011 - 27 - 9 Digit Mobile Number. Call United States From South Africa South Africa area codes When to call Calling Mobile Phone.

What is the calling code for South Africa?

Calling South Africa from the United States explained: 011 - US Exit Code; dial first for international calls made from the USA or Canada. 27 - Country Code for South Africa.

What is the telephone country code for South Africa?

The South Africa country code 27 will allow you to call South Africa from another country. South Africa telephone code 27 is dialed after the IDD. South Africa international dialing 27 is followed by an area code. The South Africa area code table below shows the various city codes for South Africa.

What is the postal code for South Africa?

Cape Town postal code - B-7441. Postal Code for South Africa. The postal code of Cape Town which is listed in our database is B-7441. Our records often include geographical coordinates of Cape Town and it's corresponding postal code.

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