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What was the first official language of South Africa?

Dutch and English were the first official languages of South Africa from 1910 to 1925. Afrikaans was added as a part of Dutch in 1925, although in practice, Afrikaans effectively replaced Dutch, which fell into disuse.

What is the history of Afrikaans in South Africa?

Afrikaans evolved out of a 17th-century Dutch dialect introduced to South Africa in 1652 when the Dutch first colonised the Cape of Good Hope. Today it is the majority language of the Northern Cape. Afrikaans became an official language in South Africa with the Official Languages of the Union Act of 1925,...

Is Afrikaans a South African language?

Afrikaans is one of the official languages of South Africa, where it is the native language of roughly equal numbers of whites and nonwhites. Few languages have engendered as much controversy, with regard to both historical development and place in modern society.…. education: South Africa.

When did Zulu become an official language?

Zulu became one of the nine native languages in 1994 and came to be officially recognized by the first post-apartheid Constitution in South Africa. There are about 10 million Zulu speakers in the world, a majority of who live in South Africa. In 1994, Zulu became the 11th official language of South Africa.

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