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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there good news from Johannesburg , South Africa?

As the data trajectory in the Big Apple closely resembles that seen in South Africa and Britain, hope is rising that the good news from Johannesburg will prove to be a harbinger of better news, at least, for the United States.

When did the Antipolis run aground in Cape Town?

The City of Cape Town’s Safety and Security Directorate said the remains of the Antipolis wreck washed ashore at 12 Apostles on Friday, 21 January. The Antipolis, a Greek Tanker built in 1959, ran aground at Oudekraal in 1977.

Is it too much to rely on South African data?

Some high-income countries have voiced caution about relying too much on the South African data, noting differences in the age of the population and the high infection rates there that boosted immunity.

Is the city of Cape Town affected by load shedding?

The City of Cape Town said that because Eskom implements load shedding at short notice some areas could be doubly impacted by load shedding and planned maintenance power outages, especially during lower stages of load shedding.

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