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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to the African penguins in South Africa?

At least 63 African penguins were killed near Cape Town, South Africa, after a swarm of bees attacked the colony, according to veterinarians, who say the attack was a “complete freak accident.” An investigation found that all the penguins had multiple bee stings, and many dead bees were found at the site where the birds had died. Sept. 21, 2021

How many penguins were killed by bees?

Sixty-three endangered African penguins have been killed by a swarm of bees in a rare occurrence near Cape Town, bird conservationists in South Africa say. The protected birds, from a colony in Simonstown, were found on the shore with multiple bee-stings.

Where do African penguins live?

African penguins are distinctive for their small size, and live on the coast and islands of South Africa and Namibia - though some have been spotted as far north as Gabon. Their populations are rapidly declining, the International Union for Conservation of Nature says.

What happened to the Penguins at Fish Hoek?

A dead penguin was also found on Friday on nearby Fish Hoek which had also suffered multiple bee-stings, according to SANParks. The national body said in a statement on Sunday that it was still conducting toxicity and disease checks on the birds, and would continue to monitor the situation.

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