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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the niche of an African penguin?

African Penguins. Niche. A niche is the roll that an organism plays in it's environment. So when looking for a ecological niche of a African Penguin you have to consider where it is in the food web.

Are there Penguins in Africa?

The African penguin is a banded penguin, placed in the genus Spheniscus. The other banded penguins are the African penguin's closest relatives, and are all found mainly in the Southern Hemisphere: the Humboldt penguin and Magellanic penguins found in southern South America, and the Galápagos penguin found in the Pacific Ocean near the equator.

What are African penguins predators?

The main predators of African penguins are jackals, hyenas, seals, sharks and even domestic cats. Additionally to this diverse sort of dangers, the human threats are the decrease of food availability as the result of commercial fishing, egg harvesting, oil spills, pollution, garbage, and human disturbance.

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