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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there gold in South Africa?

The number one gold producing country in the entire content of Africa is South Africa, coming in at 190,000 kilograms per year. Perhaps the most amazing thing about South Africa’s gold mining is that there is still more than 6,000 tons left to be uncovered.

Where are gold rush mines?

Gold Rush Mining is located in the Valdez Creek Mining District , along White Creek and extends up to the big Rusty Creek. It is about half way between Paxon and Cantwell in East Central Alaska. The area owned by the company covers over 1000 acres. Also, the company owns mineral rights to 250 acres on Rusty creek.

What was the Gold Rush in 1850?

The California Gold Rush (1848–1855) began on January 24, 1848, when gold was found by James W. Marshall at Sutter's Mill in Coloma, California.

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