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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the South Africa Women's cricket team?

The South Africa Women’s Cricket Team, also known as Proteas Women’s Cricket Team is the official team of South Africa in the ICC Women’s Championship. It is a full member of the International Cricket Council (ICC). It is run by Cricket South Africa (CSA).

Is South Africa a good Test cricket team?

In February 2014 South Africa took on Australia in a Test series, with the winner being ranked No. 1 team in the world. Australia won the series 2–1. South Africa later in the year would regain the No. 1 ranking. As of 4 May 2020, South Africa is ranked 6th in Test Cricket.

When was the first cricket match played in South Africa?

The first-ever recorded cricket match in South Africa took place in 1808, in Cape Town between two service teams for a prize of one thousand rix-dollars. The oldest cricket club in South Africa is the Port Elizabeth Cricket Club, founded in 1843.

What is the history of Women's cricket?

Women's cricket was played in South Africa fairly regularly throughout the beginning of the 20th century, and in 1922, Winfred Kingswell set-up, and became the first president of, the Peninsula Girls' School Games Union.

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