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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the traditional dances in South Africa?

Indlamu (South Africa) A dance that is mostly associated with Zulu culture. It is derived from the Zulu warrior class of ancient times. It is carried out by men in full regalia; traditional head pieces, ceremonial belts, shields and spears.

What are the names of African dances?

The dance originated from the French-speaking West African country of Congo, Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania in the late 1990s. The makossa dance became so trendy that it eliminated other trendy African dance steps at that time. Names like Koffi Olomide and Awilo Longomba are almost synonymous with the dance.

What is South African dance?

South African dance, an express happiness, anger, frustration, longing and joy. That is how South Africans danced their way from South Africa’s ancient history through the apartheid era right on to the free democracy they are enjoying now. It is this art form more than any other which has been pioneering integration.

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