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Frequently Asked Questions

What is South Africa favorite food?

This is probably South Africa’s most popular and best-known food. Biltong is one of the South African foods similar to Jerky. It is a kind of cured meat, an air-dried meat (usually beef) that is savoured nearly everywhere by nearly everyone.

What is the traditional food of South Africa?

South African cuisine is thus a true melting pot of different cooking styles and combines the best of the food traditions worldwide. The South African cooking mainly consists of chicken, game, tomatoes, lemons and limes, corn (mealie) in form of breads and flour, beans as well as ginger, chili and spices.

What food do people eat in South Africa?

Frikkadels, or little hamburgers that are subtly seasoned with nutmeg, are popular in South Africa. They are sometimes wrapped in cabbage leaves and served with yellow rice, a cousin to West Africa's jollof rice. Other popular meat dishes include Bredie, or stew. These "one-pot meals" contain mutton and vegetables.

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