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Frequently Asked Questions

How many South Africans live in Dubai?

Time Out magazine estimated that 50,000 South Africans resided in Dubai alone as of 2009 . The influx of South Africans has been so large as to lead South African newspaper Independent Online to unofficially dub the United Arab Emirates "South Africa's 10th province".

Why InterNations for South African expats in Dubai?

InterNations is the perfect place for South African expats in Dubai to find the help and resources they have been looking for. The "Global City" will soon become your new home with our InterNations community - we help you to take full advantage of your new life here! Get to know Dubai’s South African expats.

Where can I learn Afrikaans in Dubai?

Scholars International Academy has offered courses in Afrikaans to South African children in Dubai since 2007. There is also an Afrikaans-speaking church, and a South African Women's Association.

Are South Africans allowed to transit through Dubai?

Being able to transit through Dubai implies that the UAE’s lengthy ban on South Africans travelling on Emirates’ flights is soon to be lifted or reviewed since South Africans may now connect to other destinations with Emirates Airlines. Final eligibility details are still to be released.

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