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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some Spanish accent marks?

Spanish uses three diacritical marks: an accent mark, a dieresis, and tilde. Many vowels use accents, such as tablón, meaning "plank," or rápido, meaning "fast.". In special cases, the letter u is sometimes topped with a dieresis or what appears to be a German umlaut, as in the word vergüenza, meaning "shame.".

How do you insert a Spanish accent?

Use a punctuation mark followed by the desired letter to create Spanish accents. For example, when you want to type á, type an apostrophe and then the letter a.. For é, type an apostrophe and then the letter e.. The formula (apostrophe + letter) is the same for all vowels.

How do you make a Spanish accent on the keyboard?

Press and hold the "Alt" button on the keyboard. There are two "Alt" buttons; you can push and hold either of them. Tap the following numbers in succession: 164. Use the number pad, rather than the number keys on the top side of the keyboard. You should see a lowercase "n" with the Spanish accent mark.

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