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Frequently Asked Questions

What helped the Nationalists win the Spanish Civil War?

The Spanish civil war broke out in 1936 due to many factors. The Nationalist were likely to win the war due to Franco, as he was able to resolve the tension among the factions on the Nationalist side and also they he the support of the ruling elites, such as the Church.

What were causes and results of the Spanish Civil War?

The causes of the Spanish Civil War are the weakness of the government, the failure of the monarchy, the Spanish army, the division of the states and the Catholic Church . The Spanish government was seen as corrupt and unstable, often undisciplined and lacked financial and economical care.

What weapons were used in the Spanish Civil War?

During the war, a variety of weapons were used on both sides. These weapons include edged weapons such as knives and swords, firearms such as, rifled-muskets, breech loaders and repeating weapons, various field guns such as artillery, and new weapons such as the early grenade and machine gun.

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