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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best Spanish dictionary?

10 best Spanish to English dictionaries and phrasebooks for Android Price: Free / $0.99 is a multilingual dictionary app. ... Dictionary Linguee. ... English Spanish Dictionary. ... Google Play Books. ... Google Translate. ... Learn Spanish Offline. ... Reverso Translation Dictionary. ... SpanishDict Translator. ... Spanish-English. ... Most Spanish learning apps. ...

What are some easy Spanish words?

Simple Spanish Words and Phrases to Memorize El Dinero "El Dinero" means money. You should memorize this and learn what it sounds like as well. ... ¿Cuánto cuesta? This simple questions asks, " How much does it cost?" You'll most certainly have a need for this phrase if you are out shopping or being offered ... ¿Hablas inglés? ... ¿Me podría ayudar? ... Permiso & Perdone

How do you translate words into Spanish?

Press the "ALT" key, then click on any word to show its Spanish translation in the Research pane. To translate sentences or phrases, select the group of words, press "ALT" and click the selection.

What English words are borrowed from Spanish?

A. El poncho is the word borrowed from the Spanish language and used in the English language. Poncho is a type of clothing originally used by Native Americans in South America. Sandwich, champu, and ziper are words that Spanish borrowed from English.

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