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Frequently Asked Questions

What is datacamp data science certification?

With Datacamp's new Certification, you now have the tools you need to land your dream job in Data Science and upskill yourself and your organization. From proving your skills with an industry-trusted brand, to resume reviews and interview prep—we’ve got you covered.

How do I get to my datacamp certification hub?

To reach your DataCamp Certification Hub, select 'Certification' in the top left corner of your DataCamp landing page, followed by 'Get Started': You made it to your Certification Hub!

How does datadatacamp's skill assessment work?

DataCamp's skill assessments are based on computerized adaptive testing, implying that each question you are presented with is based on your history of responses during the assessment. (For example, if you get many questions correct, you will be presented with increasingly advanced questions.)

How to become a Certified Data Scientist?

Make it official with an industry-recognized, professional data science certification from DataCamp. Support your organization on its data maturity journey. Our certification tests for the skills needed by modern-day data scientists. Candidates can choose to get certified in either Python or R, with a mandatory component in SQL.

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