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Frequently Asked Questions

How to create a temporary table in SQL?

SQL Server Temporary Tables Creating temporary tables. SQL Server provided two ways to create temporary tables via SELECT INTO and CREATE TABLE statements. Global temporary tables. Sometimes, you may want to create a temporary table that is accessible across connections. ... Dropping temporary tables. ...

What are temporary tables in SQL?

Temporary tables are useful when processing data - especially during transformation where the intermediate results are transient. In SQL Data Warehouse, temporary tables exist at the session level. They are only visible to the session in which they were created and are automatically dropped when that session logs off.

What are temporal tables?

Solution. Temporal tables or system-versioned tables are an example of an assertion table, meaning that it captures the lifetime of a record based on the physical dates the record was removed or updated. Temporal tables currently do not support versioning, meaning the versioning of records based on logical dates.

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