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What is the standard trade model in economics?

The Standard Trade Model 1 The productive capacity of an economy can be summarized by its production possibility frontier, and differences in these frontiers give rise to trade. 2 Production possibilities determine a country’s relative supply schedule. 3 World equilibrium is determined by world relative demand and a world relative

What are the different models of intertemporal choice?

A few other models based on intertemporal choice include the life-cycle hypothesis proposed by Franco Modigliani and the permanent income hypothesis proposed by Milton Friedman. The concept of Walrasian equilibrium may also be extended to incorporate intertemporal choice.

What is the Keynesian model of intertemporal choice?

The Keynesian model therefore failed to explain the consumption phenomenon, and thus the theory of intertemporal choice was developed. The analysis of intertemporal choice was introduced by John Rae in 1834 in the "Sociological Theory of Capital". Later, Eugen von Böhm-Bawerk in 1889 and Irving Fisher in 1930 elaborated on the model.

What is Fisher's model of intertemporal consumption?

Fisher's model of intertemporal consumption Intertemporal budget constraint with consumption of period 1 and 2 on x-axis and y-axis respectively. The figure depicts the intertemporal choice exercised by the consumer, given the utility preferences and the budget constraint.

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