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Frequently Asked Questions

What are trade terms and what are they for?

What are trade terms First of all, trade terms are standard contracts for the international sale of goods: they are derived from mercantile customs, because, in the end, the import and export of goods between countries has been going on for centuries, right?

What are the standard customer terms and conditions for trade finance?

We’ve updated our standard customer terms and conditions - Standard Trade Terms, for our core trade finance products and services, including without limitation documentary credits, bonds, guarantees, standby letters of credit and export collection services.

What is the purpose of the standard trade model?

Summary. The standard trade model provides a framework that can be used to address a wide range of international issues and admits previous trade models as special cases. A country’s terms of trade are determined by the intersection of the world relative supply and demand curves. Economic growth is usually biased.

What are the different types of shipping terms?

CFR, CIF, CPT and CIP: These are the terms under which the sellers pay the main shipping costs and include them in their price. Note that while the seller pays for shipping, the goods travel at the buyer’s risk, so the buyer will want to investigate insurance.

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