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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a disclaimer in an U.S. trademark application?

A trademark disclaimer is a statement made of record in a trademark application to indicate that the applicant does not claim any exclusive rights to the disclaimed portion of the mark. See TMEP 1209.01 (c). The disclaimer would be printed on the resulting trademark registration.

Can I trademark a product?

You can trademark your product name, logo and slogan. Although you cannot trademark the product itself, you can trademark the name, logo, and slogan that you use to brand the product. Trademarks do not cover a physical object; they cover the way an object or service is branded.

Can You trademark the word trademark?

You don't have to register a trademark to use it, but registration is a useful way to prove the trademark belongs to you. In the United States, the Patent and Trademark Office, part of the Department of Commerce, handles trademark registration. Through USPTO, you can trademark a word or phrase.

Is the trademark symbol copyrighted?

The copyright symbol is not a significant work and thus cannot be protected by copyright. If it were not part of the language, it could be Trademarked, but as it is it can't be.

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