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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of art does sticks Gallery sell?

Along with our constantly evolving line of Sticks Object Art and Furniture, Sticks Gallery displays and sells fine art, jewelry, textiles, furniture, giftware and more! A few of the lines that we proudly represent are Cat Studio, Prairie Dance, TAG, Creative Co-op, Nakamol Jewelry and Park Hill Candles.

Who is behind sticks object art?

Sticks Object Art and Furniture was started by Sarah Grant in 1992. Since then we have received national acclaim for our distinctive line of furniture, accessories and object art.

What is sticks handmade?

Sticks Handmade is a line that ranges from gift and accessory to furniture and custom installation. All handmade pieces are available to be custom ordered, telling your individual story and becoming lasting heirlooms. Sincerely, Sticks pieces are printed reproductions of our most popular Handmade designs.

What is uniquesticks Gallery?

Sticks Gallery is an American Craft Gallery located in the Historic East Village of Des Moines, Iowa. We’ve proudly been offering a unique shopping experience in the neighborhood since 2002 and are passionate about the area’s dedication to locally owned and operated businesses.

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