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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best rub for smoking ribs?

Apply a very, very thin coating of olive oil, vinegar, mustard, or honey to the ribs before smoking. The more rub you use, the more flavorsome will your ribs be. Utilize the best wood. Use hickory, mesquite, or alder to smoke your ribs for an authentic flavor.

What is the best rib cut?

The best cuts of beef for a roast are the tenderloin, rolled rib roast and standing rib roast. Other cuts that roast well include the strip loin, top loin, bottom sirloin, eye round, top round and sirloin tip.

Is it OK to boil ribs before grilling?

Many grilling and barbecue enthusiasts will tell you the length of time you should boil ribs before cooking is zero minutes. Some cooks prefer to boil ribs before cooking and a typical time, with the ribs fully submerged in salted water, is around 45 minutes to an hour on a medium-low simmer.

How do you cook beef ribs in a slow cooker?

Instructions Add chopped onion and garlic with olive oil in your slow cooker on the saute setting, allow to cook for a few minutes. Add ribs on top of onions and season them with sea salt and black pepper. Add in all of the remaining ingredients, turning your slow cooker to low. Cover and cook on low for 7-8 hours or on high for 4 hours.

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