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Frequently Asked Questions

How much Isoflurane is in a 50% Mac reduction?

A 50% isoflurane MAC reduction is produced by 1.37 ng/ml remifentanil whole blood concentration compared to previously published plasma concentrations of fentanyl of 1.67 ng/ml or sufentanil of 0.14 ng/ml.

What is the maximum Mac reduction for fentanyl?

The steepest reduction in MAC occurs within the analgesic concentration range of fentanyl, and beyond 5 ng/ml a ceiling effect is seen with a maximum MAC reduction of 80%. Alfentanil [Westmoreland CL et. al.

Does remifentanil replace isoflurane?

The MAC reduction of isoflurane by remifentanil is similar to that produced by other opioids. Although remifentanil was given at extremely high concentrations in the absence of isoflurane, it did not provide adequate anesthesia.

Does a CACI device help maintain remifentanil concentration?

A CACI device was used to maintain a constant blood remifentanil concentration throughout the study period. This was a two-center, open-label, randomized study conducted in ASA physical status 1–3 patients of both sexes.

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