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Frequently Asked Questions

What does accurately describe Sufism?

Sufism (Sufism) may be best described as a mystical practice that emphasizes certain unique rituals for guiding spiritual seekers into a direct encounter with God. Muhammad is considered their chief prophet and many consider Sufism to be a mystical brand of Islam.

Is Sufism a message of peace?

Contrary to some contemporary assumptions about Islam, the message of Sufism is and always has been one of universal love, peace, and understanding, advocating openness and tolerance.

What does the name Sufism mean?

Islamic mysticism is called taṣawwuf (literally, "to dress in wool") in Arabic, but it has been called Sufism in Western languages since the early 19th century. An abstract word, Sufism derives from the Arabic term for a mystic, ṣūfī, which is in turn derived from ṣūf, "wool," plausibly a reference to the woollen garment of early Islamic ascetics.

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