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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Sufism a religion?

Sufis are adherents of the religion of Islam who emphasize and promote the mystical form of Islamic faith that is known as Sufism. This expression of Islam is based on the writings of Shaykh Adhmad Zarruq, considered by many to be the mystic master of the Sufi faith.

What do Sufis believe?

Sufis believe that God is responsible for everything they do, every act that they, as his servants perform. If not, then they would be equal to God, doing whatever they wanted. Thus God is responsible for every thought and deed.

Why is Sufism important?

By educating the masses and deepening the spiritual concerns of the Muslims, Sufism has played an important role in the formation of Muslim society. Opposed to the dry casuistry of the lawyer-divines, the mystics nevertheless scrupulously observed the commands of the divine law.

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