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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the role of Sufism in Islam?

Sufis played an important role in the formation of Muslim societies through their missionary and educational activities. According to William Chittick, "In a broad sense, Sufism can be described as the interiorization, and intensification of Islamic faith and practice.".

What is Sufiism?

Sufism as a brother/sisterhood may be traced back as far as the period of Daniel. We find among the Zoroastrians, Hatim, the best known Sufi of his time.

What is the relationship between Sufism and Jewish mysticism?

The Jewish Sufis maintained their own brotherhood, guided by a religious leader like a Sufi sheikh. The Jewish Encyclopedia, in its entry on Sufism, states that the revival of Jewish mysticism in Muslim countries is probably due to the spread of Sufism in the same geographical areas.

What happened to the Sufis in Turkey?

The Republic of Turkey banned all Sufi orders and abolished their institutions in 1925, after Sufis opposed the new secular order.

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