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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sufism in Islam?

Sufism is the actualization of divine ethics and relates to an enlightened inner being by divine ethics. It is the mystical Islamic practice where the Muslims seek to discover the truth of divine knowledge through direct experience of God (Cornell).

Can Sufism be a path to peace?

Because of its universalism and incessant truth seeking, Sufism presents itself as a nearly perfect path to tread towards peace. Sufism plays, or at least can play, a major role in remedying many of the world's political, social, economic, and spiritual ills.

What is the Tijani order of Sufis?

The Tijani order provides a good example of how different Sufis practiced different rites and held different beliefs, although there were some commonalities among the orders. For instance, Morgan notes that, "The Tijani order was founded in Fez in Morocco and spread chiefly into the Sudan.

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