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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Sufism an essence or form?

And this from Ibn al-Jalla: “Sufism is an essence, a truth. There is no form, no ritual, no custom in it. It is pure essence.” These two sayings go together. Sufism was a reality that has now become a form, has now become a name that is no longer a reality. True Sufism is always a reality that eludes form.

Who are Sufis?

Practitioners of Sufism have been referred to as "Sufis" (from صُوفِيّ ‎, ṣūfīy ). Historically, Sufis have often belonged to different tariqa ( ṭuruq) or orders – congregations formed around a grand master referred to as a wali who traces a direct chain of successive teachers back to the Islamic prophet Muhammad.

What is Sufism (tasawwuf)?

Historically, Muslims have used the originally Arabic word taṣawwuf (تصوف) to identify the practice of Sufis. Mainstream scholars of Islam define Tasawwuf or Sufism as the name for the inner or esoteric dimension of Islam which is supported and complemented by outward or exoteric practices of Islam, such as sharia.

Why is Muhammad so important to Sufis?

Devotion to Muhammad is an exceptionally strong practice within Sufism. Sufis have historically revered Muhammad as the prime personality of spiritual greatness. The Sufi poet Saadi Shirazi stated, "He who chooses a path contrary to that of the prophet shall never reach the destination.

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