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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the Sufis and what do they believe?

"The Sufis are Muslims and live Islam in perfection with body and soul. The body of Islam is Sharia, the law, and soul of Islam is Sufism, spirituality. For Sufis, Sharia is indispensable, because law provides order in life and Sufism provides for joy in life.

What do Sufis believe?

Sufis believe that God is responsible for everything they do, every act that they, as his servants perform. If not, then they would be equal to God, doing whatever they wanted. Thus God is responsible for every thought and deed.

Who are the Sufis of Islam?

Sufism is a mystical branch of Islam. Though many Shia and Sunni Muslims reject Sufis as true Muslims, Sufi Muslims consider themselves followers of Allah. Further, Sufis believe they are practicing the highest form of worship or devotion.

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