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Frequently Asked Questions

Where did the Sufis come from?

By the thirteenth century, Sufis had developed communal lifestyles where followers committed themselves to the teachings of a specific community leader or teacher. Spain, Persia (Iran), and Central Asia became three important regions for the flourish of Sufi teaching and living during this time.

What is Sufism and how can it help you?

Junayd al-Baghdadi, a famous Sufi master, defines Sufism as a method associated with “self-annihilation in God” and “permanence or subsistence with God.” Shibli summarizes it as always being together with God or in His presence, so that no worldly or otherworldly aim is even entertained.

What is Sufism (tasawwuf)?

Sufism ( tasawwuf) is the path followed by Sufis to reach the Truth—God. While Sufism usually expresses the theoretical or philosophical aspect of this search, the practical aspect is usually referred to as “being a dervish.” What is Sufism? Sufism has been defined in many ways.

Are Sufis Shia or Sunni Muslims?

Though many Shia and Sunni Muslims reject Sufis as true Muslims, Sufi Muslims consider themselves followers of Allah. Further, Sufis believe they are practicing the highest form of worship or devotion. Strongly emphasizing peace and non-violence, Sufis have sometimes received great persecution from other Muslim groups.

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