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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Sufi reoriented a cult?

Sufism Reoriented became a cult the moment Ivy Duce appointed Jim Mackie as her “spiritual chargeman” in 1979. She was not empowered by the Sufi Charter of 1952 to take this action.

What does it take to be a Sufist reoriented member?

In the primer for prospective members of Sufism Reoriented written by Jim Mackie, “Participation in Sufism Reoriented”, the following is asserted as Baba’s guideline for membership: “the ability to generate a personal surplus of time, energy, and resources for spiritual work.”

Who is the avatar of Sufism?

The most recent incarnation of this Avatar was... you guessed it, Meher Baba, founder of Sufism Reoriented. Although Sufis sincerely believe this, it also amounts to a neat mental trick that allows the Reoriented Sufi to think of other religions as sort of a subset of his/her own faith.

What's new at the sanctuary of Sufism Reoriented?

The new $40 million underground Sanctuary of Sufism Reoriented is nearing completion near Walnut Creek, Ca where the membership will have enhanced opportunity to dedicate yet more resources to a dark and dank enterprise. The present murshida of Sufism Reoriented, Carol Conner, succeeded Jim Mackie upon his death in 2001.

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