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Frequently Asked Questions

What did the Sufis believe in?

Sufism was a liberal reform movement within Islam. It had its origin in Persia and spread into India in the eleventh century. They laid emphasis on love and devotion to God. The Sufi saints were known as pirs. They did not believe in rituals or ceremonies.

How did Sufi orders develop in India?

Once the sufi orders took root in different parts of India, they followed their own phases of growth, stagnation and revival. These were determined largely by indigenous circumstance but influence of developments in sufism outside India still persisted. Al Hujwiri (A.D. 1088) was the earliest sufi to have settled in India.

What is the core concept of Sufi movement?

The core concept of Sufi Movement is Darikh-i-Duniya / Wahad-ul-wahjud, meaning “Universal Brotherhood”. It outwardly rejected the religion and emphasized love and devotion to God and compassion towards all fellow human beings.

Who was the first Sufi saint in India?

In India Sufis were divided into different silsilas, according to Abul Fazal, there were 14 silsilas in India during 16 th century. Khwaja Ali Hujjwiri (11th Century): Also known as Data Ganj Baksh, the earliest Sufi saint of eminence known to have settled in India, the author of the celebrated manual of Sufism entitled ‘Kashf-ul-Mahjub’.

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