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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you call a Bro who surfs?

Broda - usually an older, wiser, and more experienced bro; Brofessional - a bro that has achieved professional status in surfing or skateboarding; Brofessor - a surf or skateboarding instructor, or a bro with a doctoral degree in brology; Broffeur - a bro who doesn't drink and drive and chauffeurs everyone;

Who are the surfer dudes?

Like the Nerds, the Surfer Dudes take every bullet-point cliché of a subculture and roll it into one broad representation. The trio are early 90' s So-Cal personified. One of these new faces wears a backwards red baseball cap, Durst style, while the other has long, ratty, rocker hair and chequered shorts.

Where does Superboy learn to surf?

Superboy learns to surf while living in Hawaii and incorporates some surfer lingo and local pidgin into his already odd vocabulary.

What is sursurfer slang?

Surfer slang has got to be one of the most unique and recognizable slangs in the English language. Countless movies have portrayed the special way surfers talk, and even cartoons are using the surfer manner of speech for comedic relief. Case and point, remember ‘ Crush ’, the turtle, laid-back surfer dude in Disney’s Finding Nemo?

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