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Frequently Asked Questions

What is it like to live in a surf van?

While living in a surf van, you will have to manage your space. So basically, throw out anything that you don't need terribly. This will help with space management, and won't give you the feeling that the whole surf van is coming on to you. So there you go, surfers!

What is it like to convert a surf van?

A surf van conversion can be as simple or sophisticated as you want. We converted Marisol on a tight budget with a simple design. We wanted some fun amenities, as this would be our home for four months. The main goal for our electrical system was to make off-the-grid fruit and superfood smoothies.

What kind of Van does a Surfer Drive?

A beautiful, classic VW van with a pickup twist for the surfer who always carries a lot of equipment. This model was marketed under several names, including Transporter and Caravelle (Europe), Microbus (South Africa), and Vanagon (America. Keeping it simple but with a customized and peaceful paint job.

What are the most popular surf van models?

Volkswagen, Ford, Fiat, Mercedes, Toyota, and Renault manufactured the most famous surf van models, but surf culture's biggest icons still are, without a doubt, Volkswagen's Transporter and Westfalia vehicles. Built between 1950 and 1992, the Type 1, Type 3, and Type 3 models were a huge hit in European and American markets.

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