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Frequently Asked Questions

What is over the falls in surfing?

Over the falls – refers to when a surfer goes over the lip and into the face of the wave Paddlepuss – a person who plays in the white water and is afraid to stray from the beach Peak– the highest point of a breaking wave that generates both left and right surfable shoulders

What is a drop in in surfing?

A drop-in is when one surfer hits a wave while another surfer is already riding it, interfering with the other surfer's ability to finish riding the wave. In surf culture, dropping in is a BIG no-no.

What happens if you fall off a surfboard?

When you don't hit the drop properly and you and your board end up diving face-first into the bottom of the wave, this is known as a pit dive. Over the falls is a type of wipeout when a surfer falls off their surfboard and gets sucked up by the wave in a circular motion, typically with the lip of the wave.

What are the most dangerous parts of surfing?

Hit the lip – when a surfer turns up their surfboard to hit the falling lip of the wave, allowing the surfboard to be smashed down Hodad – a person who hangs around the beach and does not surf Hollow – barrels, tubes Impact zone – the place where the waves are breaking the hardest and where beginners tend to get hurt

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