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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to SurveyMonkey?

The Silicon Valley company best known for online survey tools has changed its name to Momentive to highlight to customers and investors that it also sells a range of business software. Still, online surveys remain the core of Momentive’s business, and the company will retain the SurveyMonkey branding for its flagship product, CEO Zander Lurie said.

What does SurveyMonkey's new name mean?

But for SurveyMonkey, it’s betting on itself as a test for a rebrand while building out a growing B2B business. And that means—you guessed it—lots of surveys. Today, the company is announcing plans to relaunch under the new name Momentive, which will become both the parent company and the brand name for its growing enterprise business.

Is SurveyMonkey the new Qualtrics?

Like Qualtrics, SurveyMonkey has been developing new software and services extending beyond corporate surveys. Lurie describes these new features as tools to help translate employee and customer feedback into product development and business management decisions.

How popular is SurveyMonkey in the US?

A separate enterprise survey of 3,000 people in the U.S. and UK found that 66% of people had tried SurveyMonkey at some point. And a name sentiment survey of 6,014 people revealed that the brand’s popularity was on-par with Google and Salesforce but not aligned with enterprise software.

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