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Frequently Asked Questions

Does tactical arbitrage work?

Tactical Arbitrage allows users to filter scrapes by various different metrics, depending on the kinds of deals they base their businesses around. It means that if you're only looking for ones that sell hundreds of units a day, you can find the ones with low sales rank easily.

Is retail arbitrage legal?

Is Retail Arbitrage Legal? Retail arbitrage is legal, and some might argue is the base of our economic system. You buy things from one place and then sell them somewhere else for a profit. That being said, the legality of retail arbitrage is all dependent on one thing: where you’re sourcing products.

What is retail arbitrage?

Retail arbitrage, like other forms of arbitrage, is where you take advantage of pricing irregularities and find products in stores at a discount that are later sold for full price online. There are many reasons why an item may be full price in a store but not discounted online yet.

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