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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the tactical games model of Sport?

Abstract. The Tactical Games Model (TGM, Griffin, Mitchell, & Oslin, 1997) is an instructional model focused on improving student sport experiences. As a constructivist approach to teaching and learning sport, TGM reshapes sport lessons to allow students to experience small-sided games (Game 1), think critically about games playing (Q & A),...

What is the first priority in the tactical games model?

The first priority in the Tactical Games Model is in the cognitive domain. The second priority is in the psychomotor domain, and the third priority is in the affective domain. Basic skill introduction is a precursor to game forms and modified games.

Do tactical games improve game performance?

GPAI scores confirmed that participants‟ improved at least one area of game performance (e.g., skill execution-passing) between Day 3 (week 1) and Day 7 (week 2). Carpenter, Eric John, "The Tactical Games Model Sport Experience: An Examination of Student Motivation and Game Performance during an Ultimate Frisbee Unit" (2010).

What are the key features of tactile games?

Another key feature of tactile games is the presence of game forms and modified lead up games. The most basic assumption in this model is that motor-skill performance will be more proficient if it follows cognitive learning. While it is important that students know what to do and how to do it in game setting, the what comes first.

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