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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best tactical knives?

Best tactical knife for the money Ka-Bar Marine Corps One of the most iconic tactical knives on the market, the Ka-Bar Marine Corps tactical knife is probably the best for the money. Blade type: 7 inches 1095 Cro-Van steel Overall Length: 11.875 inches Sheath: Leather Handle: Leather Rating: 4.9/5 stars

Is a tactical pen a weapon?

A tactical pen is a deadly survival weapon in the right set of hands. In the wrong set of hands, it’s a harmless writing utensil. But if you want to carry a “less-than-lethal” self-defense weapon, you can’t do much better than a Tactical Pen. It’s hiding a weapon in plain sight.

What is tactical defender pen?

The Defender X is a tactical pen that promises to protect yourself and your loved ones from harm. It’s a pen that you can carry virtually anywhere – including in places where a gun or knife would not be allowed.

What is a tactical defense pen?

A tactical pen is essentially a hidden self-defense tool. What better way to hide a defense weapon other than in plain sight. These pens are designed to act as Kubotan. A Kubotan is a close-quarter self-defense tool. One end is often blunt to be used to strike or put pressure on pressure points for pain compliance, come-alongs, etc.

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