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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do with TBC Bank's internet banking?

Check balances, available and blocked amounts on your accounts and view statements Transfers between your own accounts, to other persons and entities and to the state treasury TBC Bank's internet banking was named best for 4 times! For more information read the article.

How do I register for TBC online banking?

Online registration - you will need to visit and click on "online registration" button. The registration process includes just 4 steps and will take just few minutes. Pease note, your mobile number or email should be registered in the bank for online registration. How can I log in to internet banking?

Where can I find TBC Digipass mobile app?

Our mobile app "TBC Digipass" is available in the App Store (for iPhones) and on Google Play (from Android phones). How to register or recover password? Register online without leaving your home. Call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week or request a call back.

What is a dynamic programming problem?

How to solve a Dynamic Programming Problem ? D ynamic P rogramming (DP) is a technique that solves some particular type of problems in Polynomial Time. Dynamic Programming solutions are faster than the exponential brute method and can be easily proved for their correctness.

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