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Frequently Asked Questions

Is LCD or LED monitor better for Your Eyes?

LCD monitors also tend to offer a wider variety of viewing angles for better comfort. On the other hand, especially if you work long hours, LED monitors tend to offer better dimming options without sacrificing picture clarity. Eye strain can occur in as little as three hours, so if that's your top concern, an LED monitor is better for your eyes.

How does LCD display work?

LCDs displays does not radiate any illumination. It only reflects or transmits illumination. Liquid crystal is an organic fluid, sealed between two glass sheets having a transparent conducting surface. When a low frequency voltage is applied, the crystal molecules rearrange their orientation to produce the display.

What is LCD display type?

LCD stands for liquid crystal display. There are three different types of LCD screens: transmissive, transflective and reflective. Other differences in laptop screens to out check are whether the screen is widescreen, and whether it is backlit by LEDs.

What is LCD glass?

LCD Glass Substrates. “LCD glass substrate” is a generic term for the special glass used for thin-film transistor (TFT) LCDs which form the display area of products including LCD televisions, personal computers and mobile phones. An LCD panel consists of various components stacked in a number of layers.

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