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Frequently Asked Questions

What does TEDx mean to me?

TEDx are independent events similar to TED in presentation. They can be organized by anyone who obtains a free license from TED, and agrees to follow certain principles. TEDx events are required to be non-profit, but organizers may use an admission fee or commercial sponsorship to cover costs.

What exactly is TEDx?

TEDx is a program which is run under the TED brand to bring a TED-like experience to as many people as possible. TED events are organised by the TED organisation themselves while TEDx events can be organised by anyone for their community after gaining a license from TED, hence "independently organised".

What are the best TEDx talks?

6 Must-Watch TEDx Talks to Kick Off the School Year TAKING CARE OF YOURSELF. "Have you ever tried to fix your chronic lack of energy by getting more sleep, only to wake up still feeling exhausted?" asks Saundra Dalton-Smith, a ... ADDRESSING BIASES AND INEQUITY. ... IMPROVING EXECUTIVE FUNCTION. ... EDUCATING THE NEXT GENERATION. ...

How to get a TED or TEDx talk?

Ways to get TED Talks TED Recommends. TED Recommends delivers the best ideas, selected just for you. ... Mobile and tablet apps. Watch TED talks wherever you are. ... Smart TV apps. Download the TED app on your smart TV and access more than 3,000 talks for free, in stunning HD. ... Smart speaker apps. Access the entire library of TED Talks with a simple voice command. ... Podcasts. ...

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