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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is templaco tools?

Templaco Tools Inc. is a quality tool manufacturer producing standard and specialized tools for door hardware installation. Templaco has been manufacturing and selling door hanging tools since 1981 and we now make over 250 different router templates for the installation of locks, door hardware and all types of hinges.

How much does a pocket door master template cost?

Featured Items Price Emtek Pocket Door Master Template $311.00 Extra Long 2 Flute Carbide Bit: 5-1/2" l ... $72.00 Router Template Set 4 single pocket temp ... $87.00 Schlage "L" Series Drill Guide $59.00 13 more rows ...

Where are templaco bore Master Locks made?

The Templaco Bore Master cylindrical lock installation kit is nationally known as the premier installation tool preferred by the professional door hardware installer. We produce most of our tools and associated parts right here in the United States, just north of San Diego, California.

How do you install a door lock on a blank door?

Installing a new door lock on a blank door requires precision and alignment. This might sound like a lot of work, but it’s simple with the help of an installation kit. We tasked our in-house construction and DIY pros and with curating the best door lock installation kits on the market today.

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