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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of using clickup templates?

Templates are an incredibly powerful way to save so much time! Do you have routine projects, processes, or tasks that fit the same general mould each time? It's easy to create, find, use, and update templates throughout ClickUp using our Template Center. Spend less time setting up your Workspace by using templates powered by ClickUp.

How do I access the template Center in clickup?

Access the Template Center from a few convenient places in ClickUp! Access the Template Center menu when you create a new Space, Folder, List, or Task Or when you edit a Space, Folder, List, or task using each item's settings menu

How do I create a clickup folder?

Choose a name, add a description (optional), and select sharing settings Click the + sign above your Folders in the sidebar Select New Folder to select an existing Folder template Choose your Folder template from the Template Center Enter your Folder name, location, and Import Settings Read more about choosing a pre-made ClickUp Folder template.

How do I add a clickup template to my workspace library?

Open the template and click Add to library A copy of the ClickUp template will be available under your Workspace templates for you to customize and use. Search and Filter for your copy of the ClickUp template

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