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Frequently Asked Questions

What is templett and how does it work?

In this article we’ll be going over how Templett works, a program that allows your customer to design your template without downloading anything! What is Templett? Templett is a platform that allows creators and sellers to design editable templates for their customers.

How do I create templates in templett?

Creating templates is fun and easy in Templett. You start by navigating to the design area, clicking File > New, and setting the type of template you'd like as well as the size of the template. We support inches, millimeters, and pixels for template size units.

What happens when a customer buys a template on templett?

When a customer purchases one of your templates on your selling platform, you’ll get a notification on your Templett account. Through Templett, you’ll be able to see your customer’s account and can even help them manage their templates if needed. The entire process is automated and you won’t need to do anything extra once the template is sold.

How much does temtemplett cost?

Templett offers different pricing depending on the plan you choose. The first subscription plan starts at $29 per month, with a cost of $0.29 per transaction. They then offer other plans depending on the volume of sales you’re expecting to go through and the number of transactions.

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