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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I purchase a templett template?

Purchase templates from hundreds of Templett sellers. Edit your template in our easy to use web app right in your browser. Download the high quality PDF or JPEG and print at home or anywhere else.

Can templett run on a desktop computer?

Since Templett is a web application, the normal rules of desktop applications do not apply. For example, in Photoshop, you can work with very large files sizes. Your computer can handle those large file sizes usually without you noticing. Unfortunately, browsers totally rely on the speed of the internet connection of the person using it.

How do I create a template in the app?

As you navigate through the app, you’ll find that creating templates is pretty easy and goes fairly quickly if you have a design already in mind. To create a template, be sure that you are in the design area and click File > New.

How does temtemplett work?

Templett will take the file that you’re uploading and perform a series of tasks on it to optimize it for the application. What we’re looking to achieve is the perfect balance of quality with a small enough file size so we can work with it without slowing down the application.

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