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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I purchase a templett template?

Purchase templates from hundreds of Templett sellers. Edit your template in our easy to use web app right in your browser. Download the high quality PDF or JPEG and print at home or anywhere else.

How do I demo a template?

How to demo a template If the seller allows demos of their templates, you'll usually find a demo link in the product or listing description. Click or copy and paste that link in your browser and you'll be taken to the Templett design area where you can play around with the demo. Th demo area is limited.

Can users save templates in the demo area?

Users cannot save templates that are in the demo area. They can customize a template just as if it was their own but they cannot save anything. This allows them to play around with the templates and see what’s possible and also gets them familiar with the application.

What is the quality of temtemplett PDFs?

Templett PDF's are vector files so the quality is very high and the text and other vector objects should remain perfectly sharp. This option is for printing at a photo lab or print shop. In some cases you may be asked to supply a JPEG file instead of a PDF.

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