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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I purchase a templett template?

Purchase templates from hundreds of Templett sellers. Edit your template in our easy to use web app right in your browser. Download the high quality PDF or JPEG and print at home or anywhere else.

How do I contact templett for help?

Alternatively, you can contact Templett directly for help. How do I access my templates? Look for an email from Templett (check your junk mail if you don’t receive anything in your inbox) Follow the link to access your template. You will be required to make an account to use Templett.

How long does my templett account last?

Your Templett account doesn't expire but your templates from The Hello Bureau do expire after 6 months. The templates are also limited to twenty (20) downloads per user. If you've made multiple changes and have run out of downloads, please contact us to reset your limits.

When will my temtemplett transaction statement be created?

Templett transaction statements are created at the end of each week and billing is processed at that time. Statements are only created when your balance is greater than $25 or 30 days have passed.

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