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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I upload fonts to use in templett?

article. You have the ability to upload fonts to use in Templett. If you are going to upload a font, be absolutely sure you have the correct license for the font and that license allows you to use it in an application like Templett. What fonts are supported? You can upload TTF, OTF or WOFF font files.

What fonts are allowed in templett and corjl?

This font is allowed to be used in Templett and Corjl. Bundle fonts, Digital font, Font download, Calligraphy font, Handwritten font, Wedding font, Modern font, Brush font, Font.

How do I purchase a templett template?

Purchase templates from hundreds of Templett sellers. Edit your template in our easy to use web app right in your browser. Download the high quality PDF or JPEG and print at home or anywhere else.

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