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Frequently Asked Questions

What is templett and how does it work?

What is Templett? Templett is a platform that allows creators and sellers to design editable templates for their customers. It follows a pretty simple flow: the customer buys the product, receives an email with a link to the download which then opens to Templett.

How do I purchase a templett template?

Purchase templates from hundreds of Templett sellers. Edit your template in our easy to use web app right in your browser. Download the high quality PDF or JPEG and print at home or anywhere else.

What are the advantages of having a templett account?

The advantage of having a Templett account is that they can easily save their templates and come back for more edits. Once they’ve created their Templett account, they’re taken to a design area where they can see all their templates. They click on their template and then start editing.

How much does temtemplett cost?

Templett offers different pricing depending on the plan you choose. The first subscription plan starts at $29 per month, with a cost of $0.29 per transaction. They then offer other plans depending on the volume of sales you’re expecting to go through and the number of transactions.

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